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Botox (Botulinum Toxin Therapy)

When it comes to relaxing wrinkles and visible signs of aging, BOTOX is one of the most popular and extensively studied injectable treatments worldwide. We can refresh and relax your appearance and maintain your natural facial expressions without giving away that you have had cosmetic treatment.

Derived from the botulinum toxin, BOTOX is in the neuromodulator class of injectable treatments. Unlike dermal fillers, which are injected underneath the skin and add immediate plump to volume-deficient areas, neuromodulators such as BOTOX are administered directly into the facial muscles with a fine needle.

The botulinum toxin is injected in small amounts and works by blocking nerve signals from reaching facial muscles, preventing the muscle activity that causes lines and wrinkles. BOTOX treats multiple signs of aging, such as:

Frown lines or furrows between the eyebrows, Crow’s feet in the outer corners of the eyes, Forehead lines, Banding in the neck, Relaxation in the neck, chin and lip areas.

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