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Blemished skin and acne

Skin blemishes during puberty are one of the problems of many teenagers and of course unpleasant. But even beyond the age of 30 many women suffer from blemishes and late acne. The reasons are as varied as the age of those affected: Often it is the sebaceous glands that are increasingly active. The sebaceous glands clog and form comedones blackheads and whiteheads). Greasy skin, large pores, inflammatory pimples, redness and swelling put a strain on those affected – even long after puberty. With some people this is due to genetic predisposition, to hormonal changes, nutrition, stress or even to the wrong cosmetic products.
How do pimples develop?
If excess sebum can not drain, bacteria can easily colonise and cause inflammatory foci. But injuries caused by bruising, frequent washing or cleansing products that remove too many oils destroy the natural skin barrier and thus promote keratinisation and further sebum congestion. As a result, comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) develop. With open comedones – recognisable by a black point at the tip – the excessively formed sebum can be emptied easily to the outside. In contrast, in the closed (white) comedones, the sebaceous duct is narrowed and blocked, so that the sebum is retained and an inflammation of the surrounding tissue arises. Thus, nodules of different sizes and pus pustules easily form.
Our systematic skincare can quickly lead to a visible improvement in the appearance of blemished skin, if you start at exactly these points:
-Regulation of sebum production
-Reduction of keratinisation
-Improvement to sebum outflow
-Restoration of the natural acid mantle of the skin
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